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Beyond its excellent healthcare and pharma market insights, Smart Pharma Consulting is known for its innovative concepts, methodological skills, rigorous analyses and relevant recommendations

Competitive advantages


In-depth knowledge and understanding of the healthcare & pharma markets as shown by our publications

  • French healthcare system and pharmaceutical market (2019, 2017, 2015, 2014)
  • Generics market (2017, 2016, 2014)
  • Drug value & Market access optimization (2016)
  • Global biosimilar drugs market (2017 – 2015)
  • Best pharma performers (2015)
  • Pharma distribution (2015)



Knowledge of and access to stakeholders

  • Missions carried out for more than 110 healthcare companies since 2001
  • Regular interviews (~400 p.a.) across the world of:
    • Companies (benchmarking studies)
    • Physicians (KOLs, specialists & GPs)
    • Distributors (wholesalers, agents, purchasing groups, retail and hospital pharmacists, etc.)
    • Patients and Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs)
    • Health authorities, payers, etc.


Consulting and/or operational experiences and expertise on multiple strategic segments, including:

  • R&D-based market (chemical or biological)
  • Vaccines market – Generics and biosimilar markets
  • OTCs, dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals markets
  • Medical device market


Development of innovative and practical concepts, methodologies and tools to improve the performance of our clients, as described in our various publications:

  • 40 articles
  • 7 books (of which 3 on Marketing)
  • ~10 position papers per annum

We operate in the complementary domains of strategy, management and organization


  • Opportunity assessment (Business Development)
    • Portfolio / franchise / brand value assessment
    • Valuation of companies for acquisitions
  • Strategy crafting
    • Assessment of strategic alternatives
    • Allocation of medico-marketing and sales investments
    • Market access strategy (at national and area levels)
  • Product life cycle performance
    • Go-to-market strategy
    • Mature products performance
    • Adaptation of pricing strategy
  • Defense strategies vs. new entrants
  • Strategic partnerships (e.g. licensing)


  • Facilitation and structuring of strategic thinking for multidisciplinary product teams
    • Key challenges identification
    • Strategic options formalization
    • Operational actions to support strategies
    • Resource allocation optimization program
  • Initiatives to ensure excellence in execution
    • Strategy and tactics alignment
    • Planning and monitoring of key activities
  • Bespoke training programs to boost medico-marketing and sales people competencies (see our Institute of Management programs)
  • Support programs to improve management and leading skills of managers


  • Organizational redesign to better support strategies and tactics
    • Key activities and corresponding competencies
    • Structure (number of full-time equivalents and organization chart)
    • Key processes (e.g. information sharing, decision making, performance assessment)
    • Cultural traits (e.g. values, totems and taboos, engagement, commitment)

We deliver a unique service based on eight commitments

We are recognized for our healthcare expertise, our ability to challenge and analyze and for the relevance and pragmatism of our recommendations

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