Digital Therapeutics – What Opportunities for Pharma Companies?

In this new position paper « Digital Therapeutics – What Opportunities for Pharma Companies » which completes a Key Note published in June 2022, Smart Pharma Consulting:

  • Defines DTx
  • Describes DTx value for Patients, HCPs and the healthcare system
  • Gives examples of typical applications
  • Evaluates market determinants driving DTx attractiveness
  • Describes DTx registration conditions in the USA and European Union
  • Evaluates pharma companies’ determinants driving DTx attractiveness
  • Analyses key opportunities and challenges for pharma companies
  • Defines strategic options (around-the-pill vs. beyond-the-pill DTx)
  • Reviews examples of DTx strategies implemented by pharma companies
  • Provides an Advanced SWOT analysis (2022 – 2025)
  • Makes recommendations.